For each story and photo shoot, we take the time to discuss about your wishes, 
to offer you beautiful and candid pictures that reflect your personnality.



The Lifestyle Family / Couple Photo SessionThe Lifestyle Family / Couple Photo Session

The Lifestyle Family / Couple Photo Session

For couples or families, this photo session is all about love and fun: Here, no posed pictures, but candid photos with laughs, sweet looks, sweet gestures, a moment with your loved one(s).
The session can take place inside at home, or outside in a place you like. Once you have booked the session, we will have a chat about the details like the location, the best moment of the day to do the photo shoot, what to wear, accessories you can bring, etc.

The details :
The services change in 2022 and the new ones will be online very soon!
Contact me to discuss about your photo project.
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The Lifestyle Family Photo reportageThe Lifestyle Family Photo reportage

The Lifestyle Family Photo reportage

During a whole day, from breakfast to bed time, I follow you and your family in your daily activities, catching the details, the laughs, the little dramas, everything that make your family being your family.
During the day, activities at home are welcome, as well as a moment outside, for a walk, in the park at the playground, or for a cultural or sports outing.
We go in the places that you like, and we will have as well a moment of peacefulness at home.
These details of your daily life will be the extraordinary family memories when your children will be grown up.

The details :
Between 5 to 9 hours of presence
A photo box with around 80 edited HD photos on an usb stick
12 prints 9x13cm format
Access to a private gallery
From €500
Contact me to discuss about your wishes and for more info.
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Waiting for your little oneWaiting for your little one

Waiting for your little one

I propose to immortalize your pregnancy outside or at your home, with a natural light.
Before the photoshoot, we discuss about the photos' style you would like, and we plan it around the 7th month of pregnancy.
The details :
The services change in 2022 and the new ones will be online very soon!
Contact me to discuss about your photo project.
A special package with a Newborn Session is possible. Contact me for further information. Click here to see the Pregnancy & Newborn gallery.
Newborn - The Lifestyle sessionNewborn - The Lifestyle session

Newborn - The Lifestyle session

This photo shoot is about you who are becoming parents, welcoming a little one in your life, immortalizing a daily life moment of his/her first days, like the bath time, a moment of breast feeding, … it will depends on what will go on at your home at that moment.
This photo shoot is for remembering the true moments, and because these little ones grow up so fast, for remembering how the beginning were, how his little fingers were so small, that a tuft of hair she already had from birth, the details of his face when they were born.
The session takes place at your home. The final selection will include a mix of family pics and pics your baby alone.

The details:
The services change in 2022 and the new ones will be online very soon!
Contact me to discuss about your photo project.
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The solo photo shootThe solo photo shoot

The solo photo shoot

Are you passionate about an activity? The solo session is a moment for yourself, to have beautiful portraits representing your personality, and your passions. Do not hesitate to explain me your project:
A simple session outdoors or indoors, a photo shoot in studio or on the theme of your passion (in the dance hall, a horse riding, in your paint room, ...), everything is possible!
It is also possible to make a model book for fashion agencies.
Contact me for a quote according to your project!
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The The

The "Week-end in Amsterdam" photo shoot

Do you plan to stay in Amsterdam for a weekend?
How about an unique photographic trip in one of the most beautiful European capitals? A walk along the canals, a drink on a terrace with the view on the typical facades, then a little bike tour ...
Because some places deserve more than selfies, whether you are with friends, in couple or with family, you will have professional quality memories of your trip, and in addition, some anecdotes and good plans about the city!

Details: 30 min to 2h of photo shoot
The services change in 2022 and the new ones will be online very soon!
Contact me to discuss about your photo project.
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With friends, it's fun too!With friends, it's fun too!

With friends, it's fun too!

Soon the 30 years of your best friend, a bachelor party, or just a great moment with friends?
Give yourself a crazy session, with the only goal to have fun together! Whether in nature or in town, in a special place, with a theme or in a natural way, the session takes place according to your desires.

The details:
30 min to 1 hour of photo shoot.
A photo box with around 50 edited HD photos on an usb stick
A Polaroid format print for each participant
Access to a private gallery

30 min (max 5 pers.): 200 €
45 min: (max 8 pers.): 250 €
1h: (max 15 pers): 300 €
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Your wedding's reportageYour wedding's reportage

Your wedding's reportage

To immortalize this special day, I propose a reportage that will capture your beautiful emotions, the intense moments, the sweet gestures, the laughs, the love!
Before your wedding, we discuss together about every moment of the photo reportage, so you get amazing memories of your beautiful day.

The packages start at €1300.
Every wedding is unique and designed according to your wishes. That's why I invite you to contact me for a personalized quote.
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    "Thank you! First impression: the packaging and the CD are already beautiful, and then, the pictures are splendid. As you told me, during the "golden hour", with the evening light, it is even more beautiful. We are very pleased with the result." M & N


    "Thank you for those great photos! And thank you so much for joining us for our big day, it was awesome, you were where it was important to be at the right time!" V & L


    "Thanks Laura, for making the bachelor party girl of my best friend unforgettable! We had a great time in your company and the photos are perfect!" R. , Lyon


    "We have just received the photos, and they are so splendid! Thank you so much!"J & R


    "Thanks again for your very professional, warm and efficient service, we were delighted and many guests have also made us very positive feedback!" V & J, Lyon


    "The photos are so beautiful, that's all I wanted. Thanks for your professionalism and your patience." B & E


    "We really enjoyed that you were part of this important day, you have the right balance between human and professional. Thanks to you, we have great memories!"A & Y


    "A big thank you for the CD (I love the packaging) and all the photos are splendid! Beautiful memories."


    "The photos are amazing! We love it! Thank you again." G & G


    "The photos are once again really great! Thank you! L & J"


    "Thank you very much for the photos, they are superb. Many times we said "I do not remember that ..." or "I hadn't seen she was there at this moment..."! So great! The photo studio was really a good idea, we laughed a lot! We're really happy with your service, and we will recommend you willingly." J & A


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